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IDM Crack is now available here. Using this software you can easily download any file. Also, of any format. And it gives you a really good speed for downloading any task. But you need a crack to permanently use IDM. If you also want to use the crack then you can easily get the crack here

About Internet Download Manager (IDM)

IDM is a software which is used for downloading different type of files. Just like other software, it is not the same. As you get limited features in other software. And also the work quality of all of that software is not good. But in Internet Download Manager(IDM). Everything is going to change. This is really great software. There are a lot of features which you can use and also can get an advantage in it. By using this software you can download any type of file from any website. Above all, it gives you great support for downloading files from the internet. You can go to any website. Search for the files you want to download. Whenever the IDM Crack will find a link. It will auto-detect that link. And the dialogue box will appear from where you will be able to download your file.

As you get a lot of features in IDM. And also it is super easy to use. Furthermore. There is no second thought that is IDM is good or Bad. The answer will be simple that there is no other software which can give you a more better experience then it. Also, the interface is really simple. If something does not fix according to the way you want. In that case, you will also have not to worry about. It has a great interface. And also the interface is fully customizable which means that you can easily customize the interface according to the way you want. Fit everything according to the way you want. Almost, every format is supported for download in it. But if any file is missing in it. Then you can also add that file format. And next time it will also start downloading that format too.

What is IDM Crack?

IDM Crack is a kind of free software. Which will help you use all of the features for free? It is nothing else, not a virus. But a simple program or we can say a utility which is very useful for all of those peoples who want to use this software. As of its cost, they can not afford to buy it. So, in that situation, you can use IDM Crack. Which will let you use all of the features of a paid version for free. IDM Crack Latest version is always available to download from our site. Whenever the new version comes you can hit and get that on our site. You should always use trusted sites for downloading the Crack.

Why you need IDM Crack?

One important question here is why you need IDM Crack. So, if you plan not to use the crack. And also you can not buy it. Then you will end up not being able to use IDM. Because if you will not buy and use it. In that case after one month or short you will not be able to access it. Now you will be planning to remove and reinstall it. So, no matter how hard you try. Without the IDM Crack, you will not be able to use it. Similarly, there are a lot of other good features of IDM Crack. That we want you to have a look here. If you don’t want to but IDM.

What are the advantages of using IDM Crack?

Now here we will tell you that what are the good things. That you will only get after using IDM Crack. So, don’t wonder they all will be the features that you will get to use in IDM Crack. Which means that they will not be available in the free version. If you are ready then let’s have a close look at all of the features of IDM Crack.

Easy Interface

The interface of IDM is super cool and also very easy to use. Only you have to do is that once install it. And after that, it will make every file that you want to download super easy for you. Above all, most people are not good at installing and using different programs. But you can easily install IDM Crack. After downloading click on the next two times. Then you can open and use it whenever you want too.

Schedule download your tasks

As you know that sometimes we don’t have enough time. Or the internet connection when we want to download our files. So, what we can do is nothing only wait. But what if you can schedule your task and download your files. Now you can easily do that with IDM.

Easily Download any file

With IDM Crack you can download your files easily. Only in one click. And also most of the time you will not have to click even once. If you want then you can set everything automatically in it. Whenever it will detect link it will start downloading them so simple.

Very Fast Downloading Speed

It will give you a great download experience no matter which files you want to download. Even if your internet connection is slow. Then you will also get triple-speed then your connection. In one line, you can download your 10 minutes tasks in 1 minute with IDM. And also the size does not matter. Which means that you can download any small or large files easily.

Backup and Restore

Another great feature is if you are trying to switch windows. And you don’t want to lose IDM. Also, your license, History, and setting. Then you easily can create a backup. After that whenever you want using that file. You can get your Old IDM Crack back easily.

Virus Checker

Sometimes it is possible that the files you are downloading might not be safe. So, in that case, you will end up getting your system hacked. What if you can scan them before downloading. Which is the biggest advantage of IDM Crack? You can set up any antivirus you want. And next time it will scan the file before downloading.

Download Multiple Files

If you don’t want to download one file at one time. Then you can easily download multiple files at once. Add the to queue or in one task. Where you will download them. Now it can be a YouTube playlist or some other tasks you want.

Multiple Web Browsers Support

No matter which browser you use. You will have to install the extension of IDM Crack. In the browser you want to use and also that extension gets auto-install with IDM. After that whenever you will want you will be able to download your files easily.


Here is another amazing feature of it. By using this feature you can use it in any language. So, if you are not good in English or some other language. Then you can easily switch back to your Mother language and easily can use it.

Stop and Resume

In these days sometimes the internet is slow. Or we are downloading a very large file. Which we can not download at once. What we can do that in case. With the browser, we can stop and resume than when we want. But with the Latest IDM Crack. We can easily stop and resume any task and whenever we want. It will resume from the time where you will pause it.

Great Customization Features

You will not get bored while using it. The simple interface looks very beautiful and also all of the features too. But if you don’t like anything about its feature ot the interface. Then you should know that you can change every single thing in it according to the way you want.

Lifetime Access

By using IDM Crack. You will be able to use IDM for a lifetime. Or the time you want to remove you will be able to simply remove it. And whenever you want you will be able to reinstall it using the crack. But if you want to keep using it. Then you should know that once you install the crack. After that, you will get the license for a lifetime. With free access to all of the features. And also you will get all the latest updates but you should not update.

How to install IDM

Here you will find how you can install IDM from the original site. And then you can use the crack file if you want. So, you can go to their original Website By going to this site you can download the IDM.exe file. And only you will have to do is that choose the location you want to install. After that, you will be able to easily click on next. Then it will start installing on your system. After that open it and start using it. If you want to use it for a lifetime. For that purpose, you must use the IDM Crack File. You will easily found that file here.

How to install the IDM Crack

As from the above post, you know about that what is IDM Crack. And also this that what is do and why you should have it. If you did not read that to remind you. That anyone can use it and it is available for free. And many different people can use it in different cases. It can be if you don’t want to buy it. Also, it so much expensive that some people can not afford to buy it. So, if you can not afford to but it. Then you are also bot eligible to use. In that case, you have the choice that you should use IDM Crack. Which is free for everyone and also you will get all the features of a paid version for free. So, here is the close look to install it.

  • Note: Follow these Six steps below to install IDM Crack easily!
  • 1- Download the setup file from our site or the official site.
  • 2- Install the IDM on the directory you want. And then after that, it will ask you to restart your computer. So, simply do that.
  • 3- IDM will be running in the background so exit it.
  • 4- Copy the IDM Crack and paste where the IDM is installed.
  • 5- There will be a registry file with extension .reg so click on that and allow.
  • 6- After that start IDM again and you can successfully use it for a lifetime.

If you are going to follow the above process. Then you will get your IDM Crackup and running in no time. After this, you will be able to use all of the features that you would be able to use in a paid version. Now just install the extension in your browser after that. You can use it to download.

Why IDM is so fast while downloading your files. Why should use it?

This is due to its advanced settings for downloads. Because its only purpose is to enhance your speed. And also this does not matter how much large file you are going to download. If you have the URL to the file you want to download. Then you don’t need anything else. Only that URL will be enough. Now the only thing you need is a slow or fast internet connection. Then you can leave that to IDM and it will let you download your files easily.

You should use IDM Crack for downloading any type of file. Because it uses different servers for downloading. So, here is an example. If you are going to download a movie from the server. It will one and the speed will slow. Which is why you should not use your browsers for downloading. If you will go with it then you will be able to easily use multiple servers for one file which it will automatically find. And that will simply help in increasing your speed. So, if you want to download your files in a minute. Then you can not find any other software working better than its.

Few other features of IDM Cracks

Hide categories

There are different categories available in it. Which you may find annoying. So, if you don’t want all of those categories. Then you can also hide them easily. In case if you don’t want them and they are disturbing you. You can make the interface simple.


Tips is another great feature that you will get with IDM Crack. It will let you know all the secret features of IDM. Whenever you will open it. At that time it will let you know one thing about it. Using this you can learn everything about it. Also, if you don’t want it on the startup then you can easily disable it.

Manually Download

If the auto links are not working. Or you don’t want IDM to auto-detect and start downloading files. And you want to add them manually then you can also do that from the menu. Just simply copy a link and paste that in the URL link. Then it will easily start downloading that file.


Now you will be thinking like what is Description 0.2 in IDM Crack. So, don’t worry it is another utility that will let you simply edit the description of your files. By using it you can give or add your own description to the files you are going to download.

VPN or Proxy

Going to download a restricted file which is not allowed in your country. Or you want to download files from different IP address. Then you can also do that simply by using its VPN feature. Simply go to settings and set up your server. After that, you will be able to easily download files from another IP address.

Site Grabber

Some people in these want to access websites offline. Or they don’t want to download one file at once. Or professional who want to see the website codes and etc. Then they can use its feature. Site grabber will let them download everything which will be on that site easily. Only you have to do is that just give the link to that site and choose what you want.

Control your download speed

If you want then you can also limit your download speed for each file. Which means that they will not get speed more then the limit you will set. And you can easily download files while doing other tasks.

100 % Safe and Clean

It is totally safe and trusted by many different antiviruses. And also it will not let any harm to your PC. Anyone can use it for free. Above all, it will also check for infected files while downloading. Which will make your system more secure and easy.

Disable IDM Crack Extension to download with the browser

Want to temporarily stop using IDM for downloading. And want to switch back to the browser. So, in which browser you want to do that just open it. And go to the settings and extensions. In there find the extension of IDM. Once you will find that extension click on that. After the click, you will see the disable box to click. And it will not work anymore. Also, you can do that too in IDM options.

Download full 4K and HD videos

By using IDM Crack you can easily download full HD videos. Also, from any website you want. It also has support for 4K videos to download. Now you can use it to download 4K videos from YouTube or some other website you want. With it, you can download a video in Full HD and also Ultra HD format. And almost all the video formats it supports.


In IDM Crack you can use different plugins. And also different plugins are available which will let you use IDM in a more easy way. You will also be able to get more features with plugins. Now plugins can be of different types. It will depend on you what kind of plugins you are going to choose for your IDM(Internet Download Manager) Crack.

Install IDM Crack extension manually

Somehow if extension is not working with the browser. Then most of the people don’t know how to add the extension manually. For each browser, there is a different method. So follow these steps below if you want to add IDM extension.

  • Step 1: Connect to the internet and go to the official website.
  • On 2: You will have to search for an extension for the browser you want to install.
  • Step 3: The extension is hidden so without the link you will not get it. So, don’t go and search in the plugins. You will end up using a virus.
  • At 4: Link will take you directly to the extension download page.
  • Final: Click add the extension and in few seconds the extension will be up and running.

Some less known features

Here you are going to find the list about the less known features of IDM Crack. Or those features which are hidden and most people don’t know about them. And also these features are not really used. Which means that they are not necessary to be set. The features that we are going to discuss here will be on choice. It means that it will be up to you. Whether you want to use them or not.

  • Here is the list of all of the features.
  • You can delete files from the hard disk as well you will delete from IDM.
  • Full detail will be available about each file you are going to download in it.
  • If you want then you can add a sound notification. Which will let you know when the download task will be complete.
  • Also, you will get a dialogue box on the completion which you can also hide.
  • Run it on any version of windows easily.
  • Dull to the dull system can run IDM Crack.
  • Edit and modify the download dialogue box easily.
  • You can also add IDM extension manually to any browser to download files.
  • All the formats are supported in it. If any is missing then you can easily add.
  • Download subtitles to your videos easily by adding .srt extension in the options.
  • Set you to download the location manually for all of your files.
  • By just dragging and dropping you can add tasks to download.
  • Change the download location for each task if you want.
  • Limit your download speed for each task easily.
  • Use multiple servers to download one file.
  • It will give you great speed for each download by using multiple servers and connections.

More from less known features

  • Almost, it can work with every browser easily.
  • Shutdown or restart your computer when the download will complete.
  • With IDM Crack you can download any large file easily there is no limit.
  • YouTube videos and playlist can easily be downloaded with IDM Crack.
  • Different categories for each file are available which you can have a look at.
  • Easily import and export anything you want.
  • From the text format which is with links, you can download multiple files easily.
  • If you need help then there are also tutorials available from where you can learn.
  • Arrange files by different categories you want.
  • Use as many connections as you want for one file to get there are 32 different connections.
  • Give the site logins username and passwords to download files from password-protected websites.
  • Completed files can be deleted or cleared from IDM history in one click.

Benefits of using IDM Crack

Here are the few benefits that you will get. When you are going to use the IDM Crack. So, the first and main feature is. That you can easily save a lot of your money if you are going to use Crack. Because IDM is not available for free. You can only use its trail. And after that, you will not be able to access it. For that purpose, if you want to keep using it and don’t want to waste money. If you are getting something for free then why you should waste your money. Furthermore, you will be able to download files from any website you want easily. Above all, there will be no limitation to the size or anything else. Directly from the YouTube, you will be able to download your videos easily. It also supports almost every website from where you can download files easily.

And one of the biggest reasons is its speed. You will get the super amazing speed with it. No matter what type of file you are going to download. The speed will be great. Here is an example for you. If you are going to download your files with it. Then you will get 10X more speed then your connection. So, you can easily imagine how much the speed is going to be. In seconds you can get your files to your computer. Also, you can set different locations for each task if you want. If you are running out of disk then it can be very useful. Above all, by using it if you don’t want to download one file. then with it, you can add links. Which means that you will be able to download multiple files at once. Just drag and drop to start.

How to crack and activate IDM

Here is the thing that you should know before installing crack. Which is that if you are using another version of IDM. And also another version of IDM Crack. Then they are not going to work. For this what you can do is that you should find the crack for the same version which you are using. Above all, you will be able to find cracks and versions with different updates easily on our site. Which you can download.

One thing more if you are using an unregistered version and you want to register it now. What you can do is simply that you should uninstall that version before installing the crack. Once you will uninstall that version. You should restart your computer. After you are done restarting your computer. Here is the trick that you will have to follow. In a simple and easy step, we will tell you how to crack IDM. So, be aware and follow these steps. Don’t make any mistakes otherwise, you will not be able to use the crack version.

  • Step 1: Disable the antivirus program if you are using any.
  • No 2: Exit the IDM if it is open.
  • At 3: You will have to open the Crack.
  • Final Step: You can easily crack IDM using that application.
serial key for idmidm serial numberidm serial key

Tricks to use IDM after 30 days

So, if someone tells you that there are tricks that you can use. And also you will be able to use IDM for free. It is not like that after the 30 days you will surely have to buy it. Otherwise, you will not be able to use it. But if you use different keys somehow if the internet is not working. Then temporary you will be able to use IDM. But once you will restart your computer again you will have to register it otherwise you will not be able to use IDM. So, this is what you can decide if someone says that you should use tricks.

Few Highlights from the IDM Crack File

Here are all of the things covered up for you in one heading. So, if you can not manage to read all then you must read this paragraph. Here we will let you have a close look at all of the features. It basically supports all the file formats these days. Now it can be Zip, Mp3, Mkv, Mp4 and even more. All of the formats are supported by it. Also, if any is missing then you can go into options and after that, you will be able to easily add the extension. Just give the extension name and you can start downloading that. Download your files in an amazing and great speed with the IDM serial key crack. It used the different servers to download your one file. Multiple servers are supported by it and it uses them. Multiple connections which you can select to download your files.

HTTP and FTP protocols. Which are also the most common protocols being used today? It uses these protocols and you will be able to download all of the files you will find. Which will be following these protocols. On some restricted sites where the download is not supported. Using the different encryption protocols you will also be able to download all of those files easily. Also, you are able to download multiple files at once. Now they can be in batch or in something different. And in IDM Crack you can also limit your download speed for each task and you will get equal speed for all of them. Above all, you can use Internet Download Manager crack on any OS you want. It supports every. You can also even run it on Windows XP and lover. It is a great software.

Supported platforms By IDM Serial key and Crack

The most important question is that what platforms does IDM support? And supporting platforms means downloading more and more files easily. So, if you are also interested to know about the platforms. Then let’s get started. First of all, there are a few protocols that we are going to discuss. Which also everyone knows about. In the list of platforms HTTP, HTTPS and FTP servers are included. By using these platforms and the files on them you can easily download anything from there. What you will find on websites that are following these two platforms you will be able to download the files. Which will be on that site. Now it will do not matter what type of file is on that site. It also has support for the command line. These were the few basic platforms that it supports until today and they are working on others too.

Preview Feature

This is another great feature of IDM. Also, it is kind of an AI. Which means that it has sens like humans. And no matter what type of file you are going to download. It can detect their formats and will let you know what type it is. Also, it will give you live previews. This means that you will be able to decide where you can store the files you are downloading. It has preview support for almost all the files formats. Which includes, MP3. Video, Compress and also more. There are also some other features and formats that can help you. If you want then you can also add formats manually in it. After that, you will also get the preview for the missing file format.

Download Subtitles of your Videos

Few of the people who can not understand the languages. They use subtitles. Also, most of the people use it to better understand the scenes. So, if you also want to download the subtitles. Then with IDM Crack Free Download, you can easily download subtitles of the videos. If there are subtitles available then you will be able to download them. After that, you will get them to the location you save. You will have to go there and start using those subtitles. This feature of IDM Crack Full is really good it can help many peoples in different ways. And also it will let you understand things more clearly.

What If IDM Crack is not working?

What you can do if the crack is not working. Now there can be different kinds of problems. The number once a problem can be that your antivirus may be blocking it. What you can do is that just simply disable that Antivirus after that you will be able to easily use it. And also there can be another reason. Which is that the version of IDM is different. And the version of IDM Crack is different. So, what you can do to visit our site and find the right Crack for your version. After using the crack you will get IDM for a lifetime.

IDM Serial keys

IDM serial keys are also available. And you can also use them to activate IDM. But that does not work anymore. If that method will work. There are going to be a lot of disadvantages that you will get. One disadvantage is that you will have to find the right key which no one is using. And also you don’t know whether that key will work or not. If that will work then different people will be using it. Which is not a safe method. But IDM Crack is a safe way of doing that. With it the key you will have no one else be using that key. And also you will be able to activate using your names. These were the advantages of the IDM Crack. But with the serial key, you can face many different problems.

there is a big problem with the serial key. Which is that it will not be for a lifetime. You will get to use it for a limited time. And also sometime when you will restart your computer. It can also delete your license too. After that, you will end up using the unregisters version of IDM. After that IDM Crack will also not work anymore. The extension will also be missing or you face a problem with that. There is no other better choice than the IDM Crack. If you want then you can also get the IDM Serial keys from the links available below.

Top IDM Serial Keys:


Repair or Remove IDM Crack if corrupted

Don’t worry if you were cracking and something missed in. You have the choice to repair IDM and also permanently remove IDM. If you want to correct the mistake without reinstalling it. Then you can easily go to the control panel and choose IDM. After that, it will give you two different options to choose from. From where you can choose to repair or remove. If you want to repair the settings to default if you have set something wrong. Then you can easily reset everything to default by just one click choose repair.

And also if you were using another version of IDM. And now you wan to register it with the IDM Crack. So there is a choice for you that you should remove it. After you click remove then you will be able to easily install the crack after that. Once you will restart your computer. You will be able to easily use the crack version. If you want to remove or repair it. Then you should follow the above process.

Tray Indicator

The tray indicator feature is just great. Now it can be very useful in different ways. If you are downloading multiple tasks or even single. And you don’t want to fill the screen. Then you can minimize all the tasks to the tray. Where you will be able to access all the files you are downloading. Above all, the percentage and speed will be also available for you. In a simple way, you will be able to manage multiple files.

How the IDM Crack will work?

You will be thinking now how it will work and what you can do with it. So, you should not worry about it. And also it really boosts your speed. Don’t think that it is a fraud or something else. Internet Download Manager really works. And also it boosts your speed too. What you have to do is just install and use it. For logic, you should know how it works. Now we are going to discuss that here. If you are ready then lets start. How it works most of the peoples know about it and most don’t. It is so simple procedure which we can define in one line so here is that line. So, it uses different servers for downloading one file.

Now you will be thinking that how it does that. For that when you will add a file from a server. Then it will work on that and will build up different servers from where it will get speed. Above all, it will give that speed to your system. And it will use that to boost your download. It will not matter that how much large or small the file is. With the IDM Crack New, you can easily download files in seconds. Because now you can use 32 different multiple connections that will work on one system. But the server will seem it coming from different IPS. And all of that connection speed will be connected and use on your system. Which will simply boost your download speed.

Operating System

On what kind of OS you can run and use it? We will be going to discuss that here. Before going into details. You should know one main thing. Which is that you will not be able to run it on IOS, Android or Unix. It is available only for windows. So, what we are going to discuss in this session will be only for windows. Now if you have that in Mind then lets start. You can use idm serial number on almost any OS. Even the OS which is lower than even Windows XP. And also they will work fine with IDM. RAM is also not required much. It has a great support for all the OS which you are getting today. As you will increase RAM and OS. The Downloading speed will also increase with that.

Pros and Cons


  • Great downloading support
  • Download any type of file with it.
  • Grab a site easily with all the data and choices.
  • You can easily download multiple files at once.
  • 4K downloading is also supported in it.
  • Also, you can schedule your tasks too.
  • Edit the description of your videos.
  • Limit your download speeds.
  • Backup and Restore all of your settings easily.
  • Use a VPN for downloading files from different servers.
  • Get lifetime access to IDM by using IDM Crack.


  • Not great customization features.
  • You will also not be able to update the IDM.
  • Mac, IOS, Android devices are not supported.
  • If your internet breaks during the download then the file will also break.
  • After the trial period, you will not be able to use it.
  • In it, you will get updates too early.
  • Sometimes, MKV videos don’t run they hang.
  • Many new protocols are still missing.
  • Even with the resume able links you will not be able to resume a file.
  • If you want to update then you will have to download IDM Crack again.
  • Themes and wallpapers feature is also not available.

Screenshot of idm latest version

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 or later than that
  • RAM:1 GB is minimum but if you want for it to function properly then you should increase then the minimum.
  • CPU: 1 GHz or faster than that.
  • HDD: 80 MB minimum required to install it. And when you will be downloading different files then you will need more storage.


It is a great software for downloading any type of file. Also, it will give you great support for downloading all type of files easily. It has a great support for increasing your speed. With it, you can increase your speed up to 10x or also faster than that. It will simply depend on you that what you want to download. Any type of large or small you can download with it. And also its interface is really simple and fun. If you want then you can also customize it according to your way. Anyone can learn to use this software by watching tutorials. You can not compare the browser speed with the IDM Crack. They do not even match. Above all, you can download videos from youtube too. So, we will suggest that you should use it for downloading your files.


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